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The Big Emptiness OOC Community
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Paradise Lost - Joys Of The Emptiness:

Breathing here, and the air is clear
Changes of which I could foresee

Violence caressing, impending distress
As my body lay sleeping eternally bleeding, and...

Shallow despair, broken years cannot repair
Summoned here, and all must see the hypocrisy
Peel back the face, the sorry mind, a vacant space
Born deprived, the moods expired in reality

A fantasy, based on harmony
A victim released accordingly

Scatter the ashes, remains of life's passages,
Mocking the meaningless, joys of the empty, and...

Mighty and proud, reaching up to touch the shroud
Tangled here, and far beyond from atrocity
Frozen and cold, bleak the memories of old
Times capsize the born desires for technology

IC: thebigemptiness OOC: espresso_pump

The 7 Commandments

1. Make a in-character journal post in your character's journal about this game twice a month. Once by the 15th, the next by the 30th. New posts should be at least three paragraphs - carry the story forward- be once a week and open to a fair number of people. Tagging should be as fast as possible- fast is good. Detail is also good- this is a text medium and it's easier to 'feel' what is going on the more sensory detail is included in your post. I am a very casual, sweet, and nice person but I do need to be informed if you can't keep active.

2. Have fun. Don't slack off all the time. Just when you really need to. And I will warn inactive players and replace them if I have to. But I don't want to.

3. Everyone must help with the storylines and non player characters. If you want to do a SL with someone then talk it over with them first by IM or something. If you have a storyline idea you want to direct, just post it to the out of character community and see who is interested.

4. Join both communities and read every post.

5. Only write your own character. Don't write anyone elses character that plays here, and always give them a chance to respond to your character's actions. Godmoding sucks and brings down roleplay.

6. When answering the 'Dingoes Ate My' on the application form, put down 'cotton candy' as the answer to show that you have read the above rules.

7. Make all posts to the OOC community containing with your contact information or story/plot information under friends-lock.


- wesley_pryce

Where We Were
Starting after Pangs in Buffy Season Four, and Hero in Angel Season One. Wesley has joined Angel Investigations, Doyle was alive, Buffy and Riley and Willow have met. Tara has not yet been introduced. Oz has left Sunnydale.

Where We Are
Angel vanished into thin air.

So did Buffy.

So did Cordelia and Xander.

Giles and Riley.

Even Ra-tet is gone too.

Wesley survived whatever happened, and investigated. His investigation lead him to Sunnydale- and the only other person remaining who can help him find a answer- Willow.

Now on their own, they must assemble a new team of White Hats to not only patrol the Hellmouth but also to help them in their quest to gather knowledge and artifacts in order to save the vanished heroes from their mysterious fate.

Where We Will Be:
+ Most of the scenes will probably be about character development, research, fighting villains in order to gain a knowledge/artifact to help rescue the vanished, or fighting a demon.
+ The Initiative will not be introduced.
+ New Scoobies will be found, trained, and assist in research, patrol, and combat. Their different characteristics will add a exotic new flavor to the usual scenes.
+ Joyce will play a much more active role as a Scoobie. She will be the heart of the team. She will be there during both research and patrol.

Written Characters (Bring In Your Originals!):
Mr. Pole -
Devon -
Joyce Summers -
Wesley - wesley_pryce
Lily -
Forrest Gates -
Willow - chosen_scythe
Jonathen -
Detective Stein -

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